F&P SmartDrive Motor Mounting
The F&P SmartDrive motor is a fantastic generator, the problem is how to mount it without the washing machine body.  I belive that I have found a very good means of doing this.









The idea of using a trailer hub as the bearing for the SmartDrive motor is not a new one.  1200# trailer hubs are readily available and plenty strong for our application.

I bought a four bolt trailer hub and spindle, and with my recriprocating saw, I cut out the center of the plastic hub just to the outside of the vent slots.  It was not very pretty.  I had to take a file just to make the hub fit.  The next time I do this, I'll use a cutting template with a "Zip " saw.  Since the hub won't spin at very high speeds, I know that "pretty" is not that important.  Making sure that the hub spins "true" is important.

A laser cut adapter plate was made that matched the drain holes and lug studs of the trailer hub.  Drill holes were marked on the five flat embosses using the adaptor plate as a template and then drilled out to accept a 1/4" bolt.

After the holes were drilled, the studs were removed from the hub using a hammer and a large socket to support the casting.  The adaptor plate was placed on top and the studs were pulled back in place using a stack of washers and the lug nuts.  This is necessary to get the proper spacing to mount the stator.


A special collet was made to mount the stator to the trailer spindle (axle).  This way the stator's position can be adjusted.   The four bolt BT8 trailer hub and spindle is rated at 1200#.  You don't need the notches in the collet.


I have already put up several of these and they are "rock solid".  I am working on publishing plans for my Lift VAWT, Lenz II VAWT, and Conventional HAWT.  My thought is to include them with the purchase of a SmartDrive motor. 




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