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I originally set up this web page several years ago to make money selling kits and plans of some of my projects.  After six months of poor interest on the steam engine plans, I've decided against that.  (I did convince my wife that I needed my lathe so that I could make money.)  I have had many people interested in several of my ideas.  Some are actually under current negotiation and can't be published here.  The others, which are included,  will continue to be updated and of course,  I will respond to questions and comments.


Yes,  I am a crack-pot inventor.  I can't seem to stop the ideas from coming into my head.  I am getting older and I am trying to get some of these things down on paper.  Or, pass them on to people that will utilize them.  Some of my ideas are unique and patent-able, some are just my concept of how I think the item could be improved.  Check on this site from time to time and see if I have posted anything new.


All of my creations are done on the computer using either Solid Edge, (better) or Solid Works.  I generate solid models and assemblies that enable me to check form, fit, function, mass, and interference.  The dimensional drawings are linked to the model, which enable accurate revisions during the concept and design stages.


I try to answer every e-mail that I get as soon as possible.  Please remember that I do have a real job that takes me away on business occasionally, and of course I do take vacations.  If you don't hear from me right away, try to be patient.    

    The steam engine image at the top of the page is one of my designs using the "no Casting" technique.  When I first started this hobby, I made my fair share of  machining mistakes, and was very irritated with myself.  I did learn to make repairs with "J-B" weld (a two part epoxy) and vowed that if I ever designed my own engine, it would not have castings. (I do however like the flywheels that are available from PM Research)    The model above has a unique shuttle valve and a scotch-yoke.   I have a 3Mb AVI file of this model animated.  It is too large to post here.

Here is the link to the YouTube video that I made of it.


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