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Vertical Shaft Windmill.  I started this project twenty-five years ago.  Click on the picture to find out more.  This is not my current project, but one of my favorites.  That's why I put it first on my list.  There are many that are not here.  I'll try to include pictures of any that I can in my Archives section.

My "Wind Genny".  This is an on going project.  It has lead to many different ideas and contact with a whole world of people.  Click on the picture for the page link.  Trying to explain things to others, tends to require more research and knowledge than you had to start with.  The same is true with this project.  Of course the best way to learn is from other's mistakes.  And I've even made a few myself.   

Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive motors.  This is the future for DIY windmill enthusiasts here in America.  I will be selling this motor from salvaged machines and providing "kits" and accessories.  The "Ametek" craze was just a "flash in the pan" compared to the potential of this Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive motor.  Click on the picture for my current page.

Minto's wheel.   This project has more potential than people realize.  This heat engine produces its most torque when fully loaded.  Almost any heat source can be used to power this engine.  One heat source could be waste motor oil.  I'm thinking of coupling this to a Fisher & Paykel generator.

Upholding the beauty of Victorian days, the Alison Jr. dollhouse.
Features include: Seven rooms with 9-inch floor-to-ceiling height, expertly molded railings and porch posts, and detailed staircases, wooden shingles for the roof, durable gingerbread trim 1/8 thick, and moveable room dividers, with window kits that include interior trim.

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My rants and opinions on alternate energy uses for transportation.

Electric Cars?

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Hydrogen Cars?

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