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Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive motor.  Currently I have more than one skid of factory seconds of the latest Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive Permanent Magnet Motors, which are ideal for use as an electric generator.     Click here or on the picture for more information.  I have seen data showing potential of over 600 watts.

$85.00 USD ea. Plus shipping.  please see my "Sales" page.

Ask about quantity discounts (16 or more)

Three Phase Bridge Rectifier.  70 amp, three phase bridge rectifier.  Most automotive diode bridges are rated at 50 amps.  I managed to get a quantity of these 70 amp units.  The slot in the end of these is just the right size to be tapped for a 1/4-20 mounting thread.

$18.00 USD ea.  please email your interest.

The picture to the left shows my pivot weldment. This utilizes a UCF205-25 Four bolt flange bearing on the front to take up the blade thrust. The vane pivot is tilted both from the pole axis and main shaft axis like a proper furling pivot. The weldment ships assembled with the two shaft bearings and all nuts and bolts. This does not include the Yaesu GS-050 Thrust bearing, or the main shaft. (the main shaft comes with the motor) 

 Currently out of stock  $75.00 USD ea.  please email your interest.



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