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      Here are some unusual applications of the F&P motor,

based on the photo on the left, a hand crank worm finder

might be another application.









Here three F&P motors have been mounted to drive his milling machine.  In this application they are used as stepper motors.  Click on the picture to go to the "instructables" site to see how this was done.

Here the F&P motor is being used as the prime mover of a three wheeled Ebike/Car.  My interest, is how to control the motor.  Click on the picture to go to the forum that discusses this vehicle.

Fisher & Paykel Smart Drive motors are brushless permanent magnet motors.  Some of the Ebike controllers that are sensorless can be used to drive these motors.  Some people have tried RC airplane motor controllers.  These are also sensorless, but are designed for much higher speeds.

Yes, A F&P motor could be used to power a boat.  This website talks about an efficient design for both the boats shape and design.  Click on the picture to take you there.

Pedal Power!  Here is the perfect re-newable energy source!  I have learned may things about these wonderful motors.  When driven, they will produce about .9 watts per RPM.  Their output power is basically limited by how much input energy you can harness.  Don't expect to get much more than 300 watts out of a human being.  Click on the picture for a Youtube video.

Adams Motor!  That's right. Here is a link to a person that is working on using a F&P motor to be self running.  It appears that most anything is possible with these motors.  Click on the picture for the link.

There are many more examples, and I'll try to add them.  Here is one of the best links.  These people are trying to make an electric powered helicopter.  There is a wealth of information that has been posted here about the F&P motor.  Check it out!

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