Randy's Christmas Project









Another time absorbing project!  I've posted these pictures here so people can see what I've been up to prior to Christmas several years ago.  I had to build this doll house for my four year old granddaughter.  This has been one of the reasons why my web pages had been stagnant. 

It's hard to see, but each shingle was painted on both sides and then glued into place.  The picture on the back wall is a family portrait that my son reduced in size with his computer.

I bought this "kit" many years ago when my granddaughter was just born.  I read the instructions at the time and put the kit away for the future.  Well, the future just crept up on me.  As she grows up, I hope she appreciates all the little details and doesn't just take them for granted.  For example, I took a soft pencil and marked the under edge of each piece of the siding so that it has a shadow like appearance.

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