Product Design

I was called upon to help with the product design of a new product.  This type of work is always interesting and rewarding.  I was given 2D CAD drawings and was asked to create a 3D model which could be used for both marketing and production.  Below are some of the preliminary images of the project.  For anyone even remotely interested in alternate energy, this is a good start.


The first image I called the "Power Pig" and made it pink in color.  Management didn't like that name or color so it was changed.

You can see the progress and changes being made.  Note the changes in handle and cable routing.  That was difficult.


The computer image comes pretty close to the actual product.

This Power Generator has a 300 watt inverter incorporated with the unit.  This unit can make my workshop independent of the grid.  Powering the drill is not recommended, but it works.  The unit (lead-acid gel cells) can be recharged from my car while I travel to and from work. Or better still from one of those solar panels available on eBay to keep your car battery charged.  Search for "VW Solar" (Minor independence from the grid!)

Here is the 1000 watt inverter that I picked up from All-Start.  This is an incredible unit.  I plan to mount this in my workshop to provide all its power from my battery bank which will be recharged by my windmill.  Another good use might be to power my sump pump when a thunderstorm knocks out the electric, thus preventing a flooded basement.